The little ones were with us again today, so we went out for an epic adventure in the snow. However before that we were very thoughtful and arranged to collect them from the shops in town, this was so they didn’t have to negotiate the treacherous roads near to our scumbag estate. These roads are 1 long nightmare of black ice at the moment, so it was far better for us to walk to the shops, meet the kids and walk back. As a bonus we popped into the soon to be closed cool and quirky shop again πŸ˜‰
When we’d adventured our way home through the snow and ice we had a quick turn around before going off to christen the new sledge πŸ˜‰
Playing in the snow was amazing, both Paige & Aiden had plenty of solo goes on the sledge, both sitting and lying down forwards (after a demonstration from myself) hehehe.
We all got cold, wet and tired out, but journeyed home with big smiles πŸ˜€
After lunch and showers I declared the rest of the day pyjama day. That also involved games of Skylanders (obviously!) and lots of dancing to awesome mix volume 1 (from Guardians of the Galaxy) πŸ˜€

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,