So having just written Day 1243, the blog app is misbehaving and not allowing it to show up (again), so maybe it’ll appear at a later date, hopefully this one will work as it is due to contain some exciting news 🙂
But first the not so exciting, it was an early start this morning so that I could walk the unpleasant number of miles to the Doctors in a raging blizzard (which auto correct is insisting was actually a lizard!). They took many vials of my precious vitae, so I’m carrying around a flesh wound, and being incredibly over dramatic about it too 😉
The day perked up considerably when the little ones were here and they were both in a very happy and jolly mood. I surpassed that mood this evening when I was able to arrange a 2nd standup gig. Yet again another charity gig, this one will be local in July – Yay!

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,