Well I dragged myself into work again today, and I’m once again completely shattered. I only just made my bus in time as I was (completely not) unexpectedly delayed by an early morning toilet stop 😦

Still on to better things, I had somewhat foolishly agreed  to perform my standup routine in a meeting at work today. It went very well though, lots of laughter (although there’s still 1 joke in particular that I don’t feel is working, which disappoints me, I need to think about changing it slightly). To make it suitable for work the performance was packaged up as a chance for people to experience giving feedback, and to highlight presenting methods 🙂 well I enjoyed myself, and it was good to see that the routine just came out by itself 😀

I also heard from the organiser of my July gig. I had submitted a suggestion that I full the role if compere for this gig, and my suggestion has been heartily agreed to 😉

Comedy night compere is where I would like to end up with my comedy performances, a regular compere slot would make me very happy, so it will be great to give it a go in July 😉

Finally I thought I’d share some pictures, firstly me in a silly hat, because………well why not 😉

Secondly after shambling home from work and feeling exhausted and poorly (and sleeping most of the time once here), all I fancied for tea was a grilled cheese sandwich, which I did. However the ultimate recipe requires no actual grilling 🙂

<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>

Stay Slinky People,