Bleurgh another really poorly day happened, waking up and feeling like you’ve been kidney punched is not a good way to start the day, and it didn’t really improve from there. 

The good thing was picking up was the little ones from school, they were in a great mood, Aiden especially because he was dressed in a Hulk costume – it was book day and the school let the kids dress up as book characters. If it had been my choice I would have persuaded him to go dressed as either Druss, Kvothe or Max Tookes 😉

The walk back home from school did nearly do me in though, I properly felt lightheaded and faint upon staggering to the door. A sure sign that I’m still not getting anything from the food I eat as it passes straight through me 😦

Finally I managed to pluck up the energy (it didn’t take much) to spend some time looking for something to take my standup further. I found a competition to apply for called “so you think you’re funny” – the best part is that this competition is only open to those just starting out who haven’t performed standup regularly, so I think I’ll submit an application and keep my fingers crossed (apparently they receive around 500 applications for just 70 places!).

<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>

Stay Slinky People,