I was far too tired to post this earlier, but I know find myself wide awake at 02-30 and figured I may as well write a post. I’ve just spent a good deal of time writing more material for my stand up, I’m slowly filling up my book of laugh material 🙂

Originally this latest post was going to be a familiar moan about work. Maybe it’s because I’m dragging myself there whilst I’m still so utterly shattered, but I have so little tolerance for it currently, and I’m definitely in a big funk about it. To be honest I really can’t be bothered to waste my precious and rapidly depleting energy. I do remember previously writing that I was done expending too much energy and effort on work, and that’s certainly where I am again. Fed up with the lack of recognition etc blah, blah, blah……… That’s never going to change, it suits works purposes to keep me paid as little possible doing as much work as they can wring outing me. However the difference for me now is that I can direct some of my finite energy into another project, and hopefully one that will eventually start to earn me a decent income based upon the quality of my work. Yep I think I can eventually turn this love of comedy performing into a means of survival. Maybe that’s why I find myself sitting here in the early hours of the morning writing material. 

I’ve already done lots of homework looking for gigs to attend, I’ll sending off an email tomorrow with a view to a regular monthly gig 😀

Sadly that’s not the main reason I’m sat here awake in the early hours. That’s something far more unpleasant and sinister. Tonight I was afflicted by that old problem of passing nothing but blood and blood clots. It started about 20-00 after having basically said goodbye to my half digested Tea. And since then the loss of blood has been an almost hourly occurrence 😦

<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>

Stay Slinky People,