Things continue to be ramped up a notch unfortunately, by 09-00 I’d already clocked up half a dozen unpleasant bathroom trips, and was  capable of barely laying on the sofa. Still I gritted my teeth and got the little ones ready for an adventure. 

We headed off to one of the bigger parks so that they could have a good run around and explore. After his dose of fresh air we returned home via the shops. Once home it was back to the usual routine for me. 

This routine intensified as we moved into the evening, and about 20-00 got to the point where I would just exit the bathroom and sit down, before needing to return again. Do until about 22-00 I was pretty much in the bathroom constantly 😦

Eventually tiredness overcame the issue and I got to sleep. However it’s now 02-30 and after stomach instigated nightmares (for some reason the appalling film “The Human Centipede” has taking the forefront in these bad dreams!) I’m once again hanging around in the bathroom – boo………!

<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>

Stay Slinky People,