So I was pretty heroic with the first little dose of preparation H (and I will reveal what the H stands for in this post). I gulped the full dose down in 40 minutes, the directions say to consume it over an hour, and I’ve heard and read about many peoples experiences with it, so I just boat raced the last half of the dose. 

Wellof the other experiences many people have found it takes a while for the liquid jetting to commence with relatively normal bowel movements happening first off. Clearly my digestion has been so remiss recently in its workings as I basically went straight to the jetting liquid from the off………

Preparation H is definitely a Heinous concoction (there’s the H!) it has a thick syrupy consistentcy and an overpowering salty aftertaste. Another resin I just opened my gullet and poured it all in without touching the sides. 

So I’m spending only slightly more time than usual in the toilet, there’s another dose of preparation to go yet in about an hours time 😉