Here’s today’s official post, ad I’ve been a proper poisoner today, having endure the torment of preparation H. The last 1 litre dose took me a pathetic 2 hours to finish, which given my bullish demolition of the first dose is rather poor :-/

As things stand now there is just clear liquid exit me now, which I guess means my bowel is squeaky clean and ready for its film debut tomorrow morning. As of 08-30 tomorrow I won’t even be allowed the blessed relief of a drink, as it’s nill by mouth for te final 2 hours before lights, action, camera!

Not sure how coherent I’ll be for making a post tomorrow, especially as we’re also having an early birthday celebration for Aiden (he turns 7 on Thursday!)


<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>

Stay Slinky People,