Ok, here are my pictures from the bum camera yesterday, now I’m still trying to decide whether it’s worth te risk of potential ban by putting them on FB. The reason I’m considering doing that is that this procedure actually carries a lot of embarrassment with it, and people don’t on the while like talking about it. Yes it’s uncomfortable (to be honest the preparation H the day before is the worst aspect of the whole experience), but it’s an important thing that I feel people shouldn’t be afraid to discuss. I did a fair bit of research beforehand (as is typical for me) and spoke to others that had been through it. 

So here are my pictures (don’t worry thanks to my “excellent” bowel preparation there is no poo in the pictures), including one picture showing the most pointless organ in the human body – the appendix. All the pictures are officially labelled, although that being said I have no idea what some of the labels mean 😉

Enjoy, or simply look away 😀