Well I managed to miss a post again, to be honest with epic levels of fatigue it’s getting tricky to remember what needs doing, I feel like I’m sort of surviving in a twilight state at the moment. And that doesn’t mean a state where vampires are pouting teenagers with sparkly nipples, and werewolves are cuddly, in a traditionalist, I like my werewolves to do lots of ripping of things, doesn’t matter what as long as the rip everything they encounter with big sharp claws – even better (and true geek form) werewolves should all come with a Crinos form! Plus vampires should be amoral inhuman bloodsuckers, viewing humans as nothing more than cattle. But I digress somewhat.

Yesterday I took the kids to school, it rained we got wet, but they were great and enjoyed the walk. 

Today I went to hospital to see the Consultant. He said all my test results have come back clear, and there’s only a very slim chance I have Crohns. He suggested I may have a neurotic bowel, which in other words means Irritabl Bowel Syndrome. However before he writes me off as a complete waste of time and someone largely imagining their symptoms, he has a last raft of tests for me (but we’re scrapping the bottom of the barrel, it’s only because my symptoms are serious and genuine). So they took a load more blood for testing, and I’ve been booked in for a bizarre test   Now in the consultants own words, I’ll be eating a sort of nuclear scrambled egg, then they will scan me a week later to see what’s occurring (?!?) it’s definitely not a barium meal as I asked that. 

So I’m pretty down and jaded at the moment, I’ve got some serious symptoms which aren’t going away, but no ideas yet or treatments on the horizon 😦

<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>

Stay Slinky People,