Well another poorly day 😦 However I did make a supreme effort and we all headed off outside for a quick jaunt to the shops today. It was good to get some fresh air, but I was really wiped by the end of it – boo. 

The little ones have again been great today, lots of dancing and frolicking about. I also managed to get a little crafty by jury rigging a knitting loom for making hats, so I’ve started on a hat – I’ll post a picture tomorrow (I may have finished the hat by then).

Finally we all chipped in to make tea this evening. I suggested home made meatballs (we tried out a recipe of my own devising on Tuesday), and everyone pitched in to make the 37 individual meatballs, and this time we managed to get a picture as proof. Sadly even though Aiden was very excited about it all, he ended up chewing a meatball for 40 minutes and wouldn’t eat it. Sadly I think I ruined by saying at the beginning how proud I was that he was trying out a new food. I fear if I had kept quiet we wouldn’t have ended up with the major drama and upset we got. In the end an emergency pizza got cooked up for him. Everyone else loved the meatballs and pasta though 🙂

<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>

Stay Slinky People,