Oops I nearly forgot……… Well I managed another day at work despite an unpleasant night and morning. It did mean that I was at an all new level of tired when I got home, so much so that I was forced to go to bed at 19-00. There then followed 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep…………

Whilst at work I did manage to speak to someone from a department I used to work in previously. They have advertised a job doing one facet of my former job with them (and not too dissimilar from my current one), for a lot more money than I’m currently paid. My initial chat with them was to try and persuade them to make the currently advertised job part time, thus allowing me to apply. What unfolded seemed to be that, no they can’t make it a part time job………… But, some time soon it seems that a new job tailored to me will be on the horizon. So things are looking hopeful, I’m not expecting things to happen quickly, but I’ll certainly give them a couple of months 😉

<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>

Stay Slinky People,