I was abandoned again as the Forger went off to work again, I escorted her to the bus stop just to ensure I got myself outside for a bit 🙂

Once back home I set about another day of knitting (I’m real rock n roll), and whilst doing it decided to give the new Netflix Daredevil a go. 

It’s pretty good Tristan from Stardust is great, as is the thug lad from Mighty Ducks as his best mate. It’s nice how they’ve incorporated the events of the Avengers film too. However I do have a minor gripe with it though. Given that it’s made by Netflix for Netflix ad therefore strictly for home viewing on the small screen, why did they have to film it so bloody dark. I understand why cinema release movies are filmed dark (though hate it), after all you’re likely to be viewing them in a big dark box optimized for viewing film stock. But this is a TV series (and many others seem to do the same), I had to go all crazy vampire hermit and block out every shred of light in order to watch the damned thing! Clearly it annoyed me, and took away some of the viewing pleasure.

<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>

Stay Slinky People,