It was a busy day, had the usual run of the mill day at work. After work though there was a small social engagement. A very good friend is leaving our dept next week – just an internal move), and their official leaving do is this Friday (or today as of writing), that means I’m unable to attend due to fatherhood commitments. So we went to the Crafty Crow pub and set the world to rights, well actually we went there and discussed how hungry we were. This in turn led to some background checks being made of a certain new Burger joint to see if it was food spaz friendly. And it was! So off we went to sample the delights of Five Guys burgers. 

Wow the gluten free offer is basically no bun (or cob as we know it around here), because their actual burgers are already gluten free. Instead of the cob they offer to put it in a bowl or wrap it in lettuce, amazing!

I opted for te lettuce wrap in order to try and mimic the full burger experience. I have to say they are damn fine burgers and the skin on chips you get with it are amazing, and plentiful 🙂

When I got home I did suffer to high intake of lettuce, but that’s fine as this radioactive week is all about making sure I provide a decent reading for the scan 🙂

<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>

Stay Slinky People,