We all went off on a truly epic adventure today, first off we actually needed to head into Nottingham in order to collect Aiden’s glasses, because he err needs glasses now, only a slight prescription, but glasses are required nevertheless. So a trip into Nottingham is a big adventure for us anyway, but because it was costing a fortune in bus fares already we decided to maximize our fun potential and get the most out of our bus tickets by making a proper day out of it 🙂

So once the glasses were collected I directed to another bus and off we went. I was navigating us to Wollaton Park, home of Wollaton Hall (of course!) which was used as Wayne Manor in some little Batman Blockbuster a few short years ago 🙂

My navigation skills proved up to the task and we were soon having a picnic in the grounds of Wayne Manor. We had a great time exploring Batmans house and walking/running/singing/dancing around the park 🙂

A great day out together and we’re all absolutely shattered. Here’s a few pictures – including some shots of the family Yoga session led by the Forger and also the little guest we had for our picnic lunch. 

<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>

Stay Slinky People,