Another day at work, another evening lost to exhaustive snoozing – boo! So work was largely unexciting a few meetings, the usual where I had to take the lead again. 

I did overhear a conversation at work which made my blood boil. The premise was about getting people to attend a workshop/training session. What I heard being touted was to allow people to earn credits for the end of year review/score by attending these sessions. I’m not wholly opposed to that, but it seems a desperate and needless move to me, not very well thought out. The bit that took the conversation to whole new and as yet unexplored depths of madness was to further extend these credits and allow people to earn them for having a “linked in” profile. Now I’m not a fan of linked in, and have no intention of joining it, but I know some people find it beneficial. Sadly the thing is you can’t expect people or coerce them into joing a social media website. I’m confident that this bankers scheme will never see the light of day (it certainly wouldn’t stand the rigors of a tribunal if it did), but it astounded me that senior managers where wasting time discussing it. Meh, as usual I’ll just keep my head down and only do what’s asked of me 😉

<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>

Stay Slinky People,