I’ve overdosed on Geekery today, a jam packed day filled with Victoriana Roleplay, Smash Up and a great game of Gloom. 

We haven’t played our little Victoriana campaign for many, many months, but playing Milton Malloy da Furd always like slipping I to an old pair of comfortable (if very threadbare and smelly) shoes 🙂

As is usual with our little Steampunk RPG, much hilarity occurred, including some rather well executed dung flinging 😀

As for Smash Up, well one of the brand new players of the game managed what was possibly the greates piece of power play (and completely unintentional as well) with the Pirate cards I’ve ever seen. It basically resulted in netting them something in the region of 13 points in a single round – you only need 15 to win the game, which the pirates promptly did!

Finally I got to play Gloom, I’ve been trying to pkay Gloom for well over a year, and it didn’t disappoint. I love story telling games, and everyone pitched in to make the game flow and work well, we had some great narrative going between the different families 😉

Few I’m almost heeled out now, just for a short while, we’ve marked the diary and hopefully should be reconvening in a months time – yay!

Thanks to Bushy for a great Geekgasm of a day!!!!!!!!!

<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>
Stay Slinky People,