I’m really poorly again, but it is technically something I brought on myself. Yesterday morning I awoke with an overwhelming craving, and after some careful consideration I decided it was worth the potential risk, especially as this craving was so high. So what was this craving I hear you cry, maybe something laced with dangerous levels of evil Gluten?

Nope I’m used to Gluten fueled cravings and have them well under control, I wot be giving into them. This craving was for salad! Yep innocuous salad. Now salad is healthy for you, but remember when I was having a bunch of tests I ate salad to ensure my stomach was playing up. For some bizarre reason salad plays havoc with my pathetic digestive system, yep my insides can’t even handle a weak wet lettuce, in fact the wet lettuce bullies my stomach!!!!!!

So I wet out and loaded up with healthy greenery and had roast chicken with salad. It was tasty and I enjoyed the eating of it. The craving was sated I was euphoric……………

And then 40 minutes later I started paying the price. And that continued all through the night, I’m now pathetically weak and exhausted 😦

Fricking salad!!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh. 

<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>
Stay Slinky People,