Just got back into the 21st Century, deepest darkest Norfolk is very nice (ostensibly due to the proximity of the beaches), but they are stubbornly keeping themselves in an age of 19th century telecommunications 🙂

We had kept the trip to te seaside a secret from little ones, so they got an amazing surprise in Friday, they thought we were off to the Grandparents house (and that we had to take a detour), they was lots of excitement when pointed out the sea an the beach 😀

Here’s a summary of things we did:

Walked along the beach (in the wind & rain).

Drove bumper (dodgem) cars. 

An evening stroll along the beach (no wind or rain this time).

Watched the sunset. 

Failed to find an open chippy. 

Swam in an outdoor pool. 

Got cold after an outdoor swim. 

Walked along the beach (in the sunshine!).

Played at the funfair. 

Had a water fight. 

Flew a kite on the beach in the evening. 

Went to an aquarium. 

Met a very good Jack Sparrow look-a-like. 

Came home. 

The little left us today absolutely shattered and very happy. Speaking of  

 happy, I brought a hat, and it’s nice, I’m now a happy hat person 😀

I’ll release the pictures in groups, so as not to overload any single post 😉

<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>
Stay Slinky People,