Still poorly 😦

Now maybe it’s because I’m really starting to devote some brain cells to my upcoming stand up competition, ad therefore have very few left to deal with the mundane, but I really loathed my time at work today. 

It’s getting to be such a thankless grind. Now I don’t want to pin all of my hopes on an 8 minute comedy performance, but it would be nice to get into a position to be able to make a bit of a living from it, just a small supplemental income would be nice. 

So I’ve got lots of material bubbling away and my set is beginning to form itself. I’ll be unable to use my tried and tested opening and closing, so it’s largely new material……….. Hopefully by the weekend I’ll have achieved the first of many run throughs 🙂

Work again tomorrow, that sucks!

<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>
Stay Slinky People,