It was the day of Aiden’s school residential and despite all the preparation that’s been done it was still pretty nerve wracking. This would be the first time Aiden had spent a night away from us, his family. 

We all had a great walk to school, and upon getting there Aiden joined his class mates with their cases, and he went into school without issue. All the parents were then instructed that they could wait in the dining hall until the bus arrived, and this is where it got really interesting. 

I’m used to being the pariah parent in these situations, but it turns out that being with The Forger negates that now 😉

The Forgers new day job is as a massage therapist (which she is very good and well trained in) in a local beauty salon. She’s been building up a steady stream of regular customers that all rave about her. Turns out a few of them are parents of children in Aiden’s class, and everyone there knows Aiden. So I was actually accepted into one of the cliques by association hehehe. 

Whilst waiting I learned from other parents that due to Aiden visiting the residential location last week in irder to prepare for this trip, that he had actually helped many other children overcome theis fears about the trip. People were singing Aiden’s praises, and apparently he did a little presentation to them about the trip. One parent whose son was really upset this morning was told “look Aiden’s all ready and keen to go, he’s told you all about it”. It was quite frankly pretty amazing!

Eventually the bus arrived and the children were loaded, Aiden didn’t miss a best and was great. It was also really heart warming to see one his best friends (actually the really popular and sporty lad in the school) looking out for him, helping him up te steps of the bus, and then sitting and holding his hand on the bus! I was so impressed 😉

And off they went, I’ll find out on Friday how it all went 😉

<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>
Stay Slinky People,