I’m aware I haven’t kept things upto date recently, but I’d failed to appreciate just how stressful and hectic getting ready for an important competition would be 🙂

So time for a little reflection about the fateful Thursday night performance. There were 6 of us performing in total, which is a small number compared to previous heats. The usual format was for the compere to go out and do 10 minutes, have 4 acts and an interval followe by the same again. Due to our low number though it was deemed better to blitz through in one go. 

The venue was lovely, a great pub with a great comedy venue upstairs, all the seats were taken in the audience so there was about 30-40 people there. Now the running order, I was to go on 6th out of 6. Now normally going on last is quite a good thing, but it stressed me totally out, it meant I had to concentrate through all the other acts to keep my material clear in my head. Had it not been a competition I would have really enjoyed it. 

The first act was horrific, a proper car crash, and it not only ran for 15 minutes but totally killed the audience. Fortunately the compere got the audience back on track. 

The rest of the acts were really good, culminating in act number 5 who was absolutely amazing! Yeah and I had to follow that – gulp!

So my performance felt lacklustre and flat, and I came off not having enjoyed myself 😦 I got laughs and an applause break so it must have seemed ok, but I wasn’t bouncing like I usually am. The conclusion, I don’t do competitions very well. To be honest I don’t think I’ll be getting a phone call for a semi final on Monday 6th :-/

I’ll see about posting a YouTube link later 🙂

<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>

Stay Slinky People,