Yep it’s been a while, but the surprise MRI was somewhat nastier than it purported to be and to that end I’ve been so pathetically ill these last few days that even writing a blog post has seemed too much a chore 😦

Firstly they made a mistake with my appointment so the  2 litres of fluid you need drink over an hour were given to me with 15 minutes to spare and the instructions “drink as much as you can”. Now I was there to try and find out a reason for my long term illness so I necked it all…….. Heroic I know and kind of stupid 🙂

It didn’t leave feeling particularly well, so nausea had set in before I was stuffed into a tube for the actual MRI. Also for the MRI they inject something to make the fluid show up on the scan and a high dose of Buscopan, which relaxes the muscles of the small bowel. I’ve had run ins with Buscopan previously, bits it’s been a few years so I decided to man up and go for it. That may have been the cause of my prolonged patheticness following the scan. By the way Buscopan in a high dose also affects the muscles of your eyes and they say the blurry vision clears in an hour, 12 hours late mine was only just starting to clear!!!!!

The actual MRI clscan itself was fine, it’s noisey and claustrophobic (now I’m not claustrophic – I’ve been pot holing before), but when your shoulders get squeezed as you go in it’s a little unnerving………..

So that’s about for now, it’s the weekend now and the little ones are here – Yay! Although I’m spending all my time absolutely shattered 😦
<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>Stay Slinky People,