It’s been a good weekend, I managed to stave off the illness and battle through to be well enough to attend a family shindig on Saturday night. There was lots of catching up with family members (including a fellow food spaz like me), and there was dancing, lots of dancing. Myself and The Forger tire up the dance floor with our amazing dance routines (some artistic license may have been liberally applied there)………..

After the party, my stomach let me know who was boss and spent about an hour straight in the bathroom receiving my lecture from it, but I didn’t mind because I got to dance 😉

I also received a letter from the hospital dated 22nd June which explained all the new tests I was going to be getting. It turns out that the SehCat test I had (where I swallowed a radioactive pill) had shown up something. For that test a result of less than 15% meant there was a problem, my score was 6.6% so there is actually a bone fide problem. Hence the need for an MRI and an Endoscopy, so at least I now know why I’ve needed these tests 😉
<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>Stay Slinky People,