Posts continue to be random due to extreme illness and lethargy, plus the stress dial just got turned all the way to 11………..

So first off I’m in work despite being awake and in a degree of pain from stomach issues since 03-00 😦

Work is uninspiring especially as staff reductions are on the cards. However that’s of little note compared to the rest of this week. Big unhappy news is that The Forger found out by phone call that she had lost her job…………

She has spent the last 3 months turning around an ailing local beauty salon and enabling it to offer the very best massage, which had considerably grown it’s client base, only for the owner to suddenly decide “no thanks”. Claiming the can’t afford to pay her. This had come about after The Forger has been asking to be properly employed by this salon in line with the original agreement (13 hours per week) for which she left a secure full time job. Along with the fact that the owner took it upon themselves to book a particularly busy week (3 weeks ago), meaning The Forger worked 32 hours (all booked in by the owner). They then decided they could afford to pay all that and just refused to pay a significant portion of that weeks work?!? Clearly things were doomed from that point on. Anyway as the Forger is immensely talented she has decided to become self employed doing mobile massage and holistic therapies. Obviously this is all still very new news (plans were drawn up yesterday) especially as we have no vehicle currently so she isn’t actually mobile yet 🙂

This had no led to the owner of the local salon ranting about “stealing customers” and claiming that the Data Protection Act has been contravened and appropriate legal action will be taken. I’ve got a pretty good handle on the Data Protection Act and I think they will struggle to actually do anything, besides there have been bigger legal issues appropriated during this 3 month employment, so we’re ready for a fight 😉

In other news, the little ones had a great time with us 😀
<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>Stay Slinky People,