Illness prevails, and it’s been making sleep problematic for last week or so as well, it’s rare for me to sleep beyond 03-00 currently, so lack of sleep doesn’t couple well with exhaustion and stomach issues. 

That said The Forger is making great progress towards her own business ad the little ones were full of smiles 🙂

Yesterday was hospital appointment day, it was time to meet with the specialised and see if they had figured out what’s going on……………. Turns out they haven’t 😦

So the news thus far is this; no direct evidence of Crohns currently, although they believe I’m in the early stages of developing, so it looks like it’s on it’s way, but hasn’t manifested fully yet (?!?!?). There is a problem with my Bile Salt re absorption, which they don’t really know the significance of, but they are trying out a treatment (for treatment read I have to drink an unpleasant concoction twice a day hehehe) to see that can be fixed. I’m vitamin B12 deficient still (pointing to Crohns, but again early stages). Finally the MRI showed up something untoward happening with my Appendix, but as they got a photograph of that a few months ago they aren’t concerned at the moment. 

So that’s it currently, I’m kind of stuck with having to avoid any food with fibre, as it had dire consequences for me, and clearly having your stomach bloat up everytime you eat a normal sized meal isn’t actually cause for concern or is it indicative of an actual medical problem :-/
<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>Stay Slinky People,TTFN