Well my intensive course of injections started on Monday, and today was injection number 2, so far absolutely no noticeable difference, other than I’m tired out from repeated trips to the doctors, and both my arms are sore from the stabbings 🙂

We’ve had the little ones for the last 2 days, and despite my exhaustion from illness we made sure they got outside both days for a run about in the fresh air. Yesterday it involved the park and Paige got to whizz around on her scooter. We also had a little get together yesterday (the grandparents visited) so that we could have an early birthday celebration for The Forger (it’s not until Friday). Oh and also yesterday I made up on the fly a Roleplay adventure for the kids and The Forger to play, so we have Sir Aiden of Bridgewater – the brave knight, Paige Mistweb – famed ranger and Em Thistledown – healer and purveyor of magical arts. They are trying the realm of Dragonia from the evil wizard Stinkoniuos and his pet black Dragon Sewer…………. The adventure will continue this weekend, as the kids are keen to play again 😀
<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>Stay Slinky People,TTFN