Another extended pause between posts, which to be honest is more down to getting out of the habit than it is just illness related 🙂

Quite a lot has happened, we had the little ones for their last 2 days of summer holiday, so we made sure Aiden was prepared for school, as well as making sure they both spent lots of time and energy running around the parks. 

Quite a few days ago we also managed to get the band back together. And by band I actually mean the old Roleplay group of course 🙂

No Roleplay was done, but we did catch up on many months (maybe even 12+) of Geekiness, there’s even talk if a regular get together from now on, although I had to bail on the first arranged meetup………it was for the greater good though. 

The Forger is now actually mobile, she has a vehicle for her mobile business!!!!!!!!!! Amazing, such a game changer 😉

With that in mind, here’s a new batch of pictures.
<em>Odi et amo………..Excrucior</em>
Stay Slinky People,