Oops another 14 hiatus, of course illness played it’s part, there was a period with such low energy reserves that I was hitting the sack at about 20-00 each night. In fact this Tuesday evening when I had te little ones, I retired to bed once they were squared away so at about 19-00 😦

Lots has happened again of course, we had a big family wedding, and the little ones were absolutely awesome the whole time. 

I’ve dressed in a big bear costume on 2 different days, helping to raise money for Children in Need. 

And finally I went to the hospital to see the consultant about my ongoing illness. Good(ish) news there, he didn’t try to fob me off with IBS (as has previously been the case). So I’m going to get out onto a special diet to see if that does anything (some special medically worked out one, it did have a particular name, but I’ve forgotten it). If that doesn’t help then I get to swallow a pill camera and have a full movie of my insides 😉

Right time for some photos now………

Odi et Amo…………..

Stay slinky people,