I don’t know if this will be the beginnings of a resurgence of all things Blog related, it’s certainly been a while. Largely due to continuing frustrations over accessibility of WordPress TBH. 

So what’s been happening, lots. Has the illness cleared up? Nope it’s got worse and still no official medical word on the problem. I did swallow a small camera, which was a technological marvel, but the results haven’t come back yet (it’s been 8 weeks!).

But enough of that, I’m actually writing today due to something that somewhat tickles me at work today. Last week we were told that we would be doing Myers-Briggs personality assessments at work, I’ve done Myers-Briggs quite a few times before over many years, and I actually like it, when it’s done properly. So upon hearing last Thursday that as a team we would be doing Myers-Briggs, my immediate question was – “what properly, the full questionnaire with analysis?” As I was surprised because it actually costs money for each questionnaire submitted, and there’s about 12 of us in the team, and we are not a management team, so I was prepared to be surprised by the answer (no I wasn’t, I knew what the answer was going to be). “Ahhhhhh” came back the reply, “person X in the company has done Myers-Briggs and is coming along to run a session for us”.

“Oh” my cynicism coming to the fore, “not the full test then?”

“No, but I think the team will benefit, has anyone done it before?”

My cynical hand is the only one raised. 

As previously mentioned, I’ve done it a few times (properly!) before, so I know how it works. I voiced concerns that I didn’t the team would benefit, unless it was done properly. But I was ignored. 

So today we had “the session”. Person X came in and talked (very) briefly about what Myers-Briggs is (no mention of its Jungian psychological routes, which in all previous instances I’ve attended has been the starting point). Then we were told there would be some which we needed to answer, these answers would provide us with our magic 4 letter personality code (I’m INTP, I’ve always come out as INTP, in fact the last time I did it, the assessor pointed that was the most extreme “I” score they had seen).

Proper Myers-Briggs involves 100+ questions to answer, what possible magical number could they have distillers this down to help our team  do the whole thing in 1 hour (in actual fact it took 30 mins, including awkward discussion afterwards)….?

The magic answer was of course 4.  4! And each question had 2 possible answers (those that know Myers-Briggs will have already identified these answers, but let everyone else catch up please).

Question 1 answers were E for Extravert or I for Introvert. 

Question 2 answers were N for Intuition or S for Sensing. 

Question 3 answers were F for Feeling or T for Thinking. 

Questions 4 answers were P for Perception or J for Judging. 

And that was it, we then had an awkward group discussion about our newly identified personality type made up of 4 letters. And we’re given a short paragraph detailing what our mysterious code meant, and pointed to the internet to discover more. 

Person X then excused themselves and left, I tried to impart some of my experience with Myers-Briggs to the team, but to be honest by that time the damage was done and people were largely perplexed. 

All in all it was a lesson of where doing something badly is far worse than doing nothing at all. And just wound me up, but then maybe that’s just because I’m an INTP so naturally cynical. 

That’s my rant over, for now. 

Stay slinky people,


Rev. Malinari

Ordained priest of Dudeism

Poisoner extraordinaire..