Wow! I’ve only gone and done it……..

OK, so here’s the skinny……. In order to keep me sane for the forseeable future, I thought I’d indulge in as many ways to write creatively as I could.  Some of these ways are somewhat secret at the moment (but all the more exciting for being so), others (like this blog) are little more public and thus open to ridicule and mockery (so feel free).

So what to expect?

Well first off I’m currently exploring the fact that I may be Coeliac and therefore intolerant to evil Gluten. It’s entirely possible that I’ve been this way for quite a few years, but I’ve always put up with a constantly upset stomach, up until a month and half ago, when on a whim (and due to some lobbying) I thought I’d cut Gluten from my diet.

Cutting gluten from your diet is a lot harder than it sounds, it’s everywhere, it’s like the universal food “force” that holds all the really nice foods together.  still I made a good effort of it, and for the first time years, started to feel heathly 🙂 Of course it’s all very well cutting Gluten, but the substitutes you have to purchase in order to eat are somewhat high priced.  This has led to me finally biting the bullet and taking my sorry carcass off to the doctors. Now in order to gain a positive test result, I’m required to have a normal (full fat Gluten) diet, to begin with having the diet for a weekend was thought to be enough, however at the 11th hour a change of tactics was announced. Now, I’m required to have gluten in my diet for 6 weeks.

OK I know I put up with it for years, so why the whining? Well giving up Gluten, made me realise just how much pain and discomfort I was in, and it’s not pleasant to go back to.  So I’m hoping that, as well as providing a little writing practice, this blog will help me get through 6 weeks 🙂

I hope you get a modicum of enjoyment from helping me indulge in my many and varied random ramblings.

Stay Slinky People,




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